“Tracing primary and secondary contacts is crucial

We were really grateful when we actually landed with people on the ground, because I think some people really didn’t want to talk and that was OK. That was maybe half of the people. But we would get introduced to people and then we would kind of start embedding or talking to them.

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“Even if the virus goes down dramatically in June and July and August, as the virus starts returning in the fall it would be, in my mind, shame on us if we don’t have in place all of the mechanisms to prevent it from blowing up again,” Fauci said. “In other words, enough testing to test everybody that needs to be tested. Enough testing so that when someone gets infected, you could immediately do contact tracing and isolation to prevent the infection from going to a couple of infections to hundreds of infections.

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The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is an experimental flight test of new technology. Future Mars missions could enlist second generation helicopters to add an aerial dimension to their explorations. They could act as scouts for human crews, carry small payloads or investigate cliffs, caves, deep craters, and other unvisited or difficult to reach destinations.

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